Summer Program

Gallop to Success offers both day and overnight camp to our participants. Please call 802-442-5454 or email for available dates. Participants on site are housed in a 1000 square foot bunkhouse and are fully engaged in the equine and farm program. Activities revolve around horse care, equipment care and usage, saddling horses, horseback riding, after care of the horses, barn management, field management, pasture care, feed management.

Year Round Program

The Gallop To Success Year Round Program is open to any resident or visitor. Participants can receive orientation and join at any point in during the year. Participants will be mentored by professional staff and teen leaders through farm and horse activities after school and on Saturdays and Sundays. Participants are welcome to attend as many hours a week as desired, and can arrange for bus rides through the public transportation. The Year Round Program runs 12 months a year.